My thirteen-year-old-self shrieked at the top of my voice, “MOM!!!!!  My tooth is black; I brushed hard; I swear I brushed and this just won’t go.” Mom took a look at it, inquired about any pain and scolded me for not brushing at night. That day I discovered that my strong-looking teeth caved into the invisible bacteria and I embarked on a routine to always brush them before sleeping.

It has been fifteen years today, that tiny black spot has not given any trouble yet. The power of brushing twice a day, I guess. I endorse this habit strongly to all my patients not only because of my duty as a Dental Surgeon but more due to my personal experience. Brushing helps in keeping caries at bay (in majority cases) and can prove restorative to the carious tooth by helping in the formation of reparative dentin (a visit to a dentist is still advised).

If you find getting out of your cozy bed too hard or can’t abandon that 1 am munching, trust me, none of the sophisticated dental treatments can substitute your natural dental structures. The earlier you begin, the better. This individual effort shall be a big step in taming the public health menace of caries.

A special note to new mothers: Never put your baby to bed after feeding without cleaning their gums/ milk teeth.

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3 thoughts on “BRUSH away your CAVITY!!!

  1. Holy crap! This is kismet I am reading this post. I suffer from debilitating depression, and the ONE (one of many) warning signals to me it’s getting worse is my ZERO interest in brushing my teeth. Like I think I am a rebel and who am I hurting? GAH only me. Thank you!


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